Element is created in a technology that guarantees speed and comfort of work. Despite a large number of functionalities, the user feels comfortable and always has his most important tools at hand.

Element ATS easy and intuitive recruitment system


An innovative system, thanks to which even the most complicated recruitment process can be created and conducted quickly and conveniently.

Element ATS innovative applicant tracking system for fast and easy recruitment

Candidate database

A super-fast candidate database supported by artificial intelligence, thanks to which you find candidates in a split second.

  • Fast adding of candidates from any sources
  • Search for candidates with specific professional experience or competencies without manual tagging or completing the candidate's profile
  • Search results are presented in less than 0.3 seconds, regardless of the size of the candidate database
  • Reading CV content in all popular file formats, including graphic files
  • AI understanding and parsing the content of resumes (In this blog article, we described how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing candidate database management)
  • Automatically created employment and education history of the candidate
  • Automate matching of candidates to projects based on the content of the CV and job description
  • Searching for candidates by any content in the CV
  • Logical operators (Boolean Search)
  • Intelligent management of duplicate candidates
  • Filtering and sorting search results
  • Data export
Element ATS fast and intelligent candidate database

Candidate evaluation

The evaluation questions creator is not only convenient, but also offers automatic preselection, thanks to which the recruiter saves time and focuses attention on the best candidates.

  • Generator for closed-ended, open-ended, single and multiple choice questions, assessment questions, for files, for weekdays and calendar days
  • Assigning points to responses
  • Disqualifying responses
  • Points counting
  • Automatic preselection of candidates
  • Option to change questions forms during evaluation and changelog
Element ATS artificial intelligence for recruitment automation

Automated candidate feedback

Candidate Experience is crucial in recruitment. There is no good Candidate Experience without efficient contact with candidates.

Create content that the candidate receive automatically when:
  • will change the stage of the recruitment process
  • will fall off during automatic evaluation
  • his GDPR consent expires
  • schedule a message to be sent
Element ATS candidate profile

Candidate sourcing

Acquiring candidates by direct methods is a standard today. Element equips recruiters with the most important tools for sourcing candidates.

  • Instantly add candidates from any source
  • Plugin for Linkedin, Facebook
  • Searching for candidates on Linkedin, Github, StackOverflow (X-Ray)
  • Automatic check if the candidate is already in the system
  • Managing sourcing stages
  • Reporting of sourcing activities
  • Application link generator - unlimited application links for any source of candidates
Element ATS candidate portal

Artificial intelligence

Element recruitment system uses artificial intelligence to understand the content of CVs. Read more about the benefits of using AI in recruitment in our article.

  • Reading and interpreting the contents of CVs in any file format in English and Polish (more languages soon)
  • Candidate profiles automatically filled by AI
  • Each candidate can be easily and quickly found by professional and educational experience without having to analyze their CVs manually
Element ATS job ads posting

Candidate profile

A complete candidate profile created by artificial intelligence. No more manual profile completion and tagging.

  • Artificial intelligence completes the candidate's profile
  • Professional history, education, skills list
  • Candidate ratings
  • Notes
  • Automatic document generation, e.g. blank / blind CV
  • Correspondence history
  • Application sources
  • Terms of employment
  • Active and archival recruitment projects
  • Automatic matching of the candidate to projects
  • Register of GDPR consents
Element ATS candidate referrals

Candidate portal

Attract candidates, improve their candidate experience and secure the GDPR issue.

  • Sharing the candidate's profile
  • The ability to upload a CV and automatically complete the profile by AI
  • CV Creator along with downloading the document to a file
  • Automatic hints encouraging you to complete your profile
  • GDPR consent management by the candidate
  • An opportunity to provide candidates with access to recruitment projects
Element ATS career pages

Creating and publication of job offers

One place where you can create job offers and publish them on your own website and job boards.

  • Automatic creation of job offers
  • Publishing job ads from the system directly on your own page and paid/free job boards
  • Job ads with candidate referral option
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of job ads and job boards
  • Candidates appear automatically in projects at the stage of your choice
  • Candidates appear automatically in the candidate database and every user can find them immediately
  • Application link generator - unlimited application links for any job boards
Element ATS candidate evaluation

Candidate referrals

Referrals are an important form of attracting candidates. Increasingly, successful referrals are rewarded. Element fully supports the referral system.

  • Operating the referral system by distinguishing between referred and referrer
  • Setting financial rewards for an effective referral; Rewards for employment and for passing a probationary period
  • Reminders related to rewards for the referrer
Element ATS automated feedbacks

Career page

You don't have your own career page? Don't worry, now you can create it with one click.

  • Rapid creation of a career page with job offers
  • Website branding
  • Publishing job offers directly from Element
  • View list of job offers
  • Apply using job offers published on the career page
Element ATS candidates sourcing

Matching candidates

Manual preselection of hundreds of CVs is a thing of the past. In Element, pre-selection will be carried out by AI and will propose a list of potential candidates for the recruitment project.

  • Automatic analysis of the job description
  • Automatic analysis of the CV content
  • Calculating the matching score
  • Proposal of candidates with the highest scoring
  • o need to manually tag or otherwise describe candidates for the matching
Element ATS candidate matching

Recruitment CRM

A unique tool for recruitment companies on a global scale. Element's CRM is not only a client management, it is also an innovative solution that automates the acquisition of new recruitment projects.

  • Companies database
  • Automatic monitoring of over fifty job boards (currently available on Polish market)
  • Automatic notifications when a company posts a new job ad (currently available on Polish market)
  • Contact history
  • Managing recruitment contracts
  • Full support for off limits clause
  • Reporting sales activity
  • Reporting financial data related to recruitment services
  • Sales pipeline
  • Data export
Element ATS recruitment CRM

Job monit

Job Monit is an innovative solution monitoring job offers published on over fifty job boards (currently in Poland) and on Linkedin.

  • Monitoring of several dozen job boards and hundreds of thousands of offers
  • Quick search of job offers and companies looking for employees by industries, locations, positions, keywords or companies
  • Data on the popularity of job boards in specific industries, among positions, locations, companies
  • Verification of specific employers in terms of what employees are they looking for, in what locations, on which recruitment portals
Element ATS job boards crawling

Email & calendar

Element ensures full integration with e-mail and calendars, thanks to which communication and all your activities are always ordered and easy to find and plan.

  • Full synchronization with Office 365 mail and calendars
  • History of correspondence with the candidate
  • History of correspondence with the client
  • Creating message templates
  • Automatic messages
  • Ability to send messages straight from the system
  • Attachment support
  • Handling of incoming messages from clients and candidates
  • Correspondence visibility management
Element ATS Office 365 and gmail integration

Instant information

Element was created in technology that guarantees instantaneous transmission of information in the system. You'll see information entered into the system by other users immediately.

  • Instantaneous information - data entered in one place of the system is immediately visible in other places of the system
  • No need to refresh the page to view new data
  • Technology eliminating the problem of slow internet connection
  • Change history in the system, thanks to which you always know who made a specific change and when
Element ATS data accessible instantaneously

Integration with Google Analytics

Thanks to Element's integration with Google Analytics, you get a tool for a thorough analysis of the candidate's behavior on the career page and application form.

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Monitoring the behavior of visitors to your career page and application forms
  • Detailed reporting of indicators such as the number of visitors, time spent on the site, clicks on individual page elements, page scrolling, visitors' geographical location, and many more
Element ATS integration with Google Analytics

Notifications and internal communications

Element automatically notifies you of important changes. Send notifications to other users by tagging them in notes.

  • Notifications about new candidates, new recruitment projects
  • Tag other users in notes
  • Notification history
Element ATS notifications and internal messaging


Element system dashboards provide complete and immediate information on all key indicators related to recruitment processes, and including sales indicators in the case of companies offering recruitment services.

  • Instantly available data updated in real time
  • Number of candidates acquired
  • Effectiveness of candidate sources
  • User activity
  • Recruitment delivery progress
  • Projects delivery time rate
  • Hiring rate
  • Closing rate
  • Candidates statistics
  • Sales funnel (recruitment companies)
  • Sales activity (recruitment companies)
  • Activity and change history
Element ATS reports

Customer service

We will be with you from the very beginning and whenever you need our help. Our team respond to all requests within minutes. Element is created for you and we want all users to feel maximally comfortable.

  • Response time less than 5 minutes
  • Contact via chat, phone, email
  • Training webinars
  • Substantive and friendly service for users
Element ATS customer service

Guarantee of quality

System stability is a guarantee of uninterrupted operation. Element always works. We provide the highest global standards of application availability.

  • Guaranteed system availability above 99.5%
  • Availability in the last 12 months at 99.9%
  • System updates carried out on weekends late at night
Element ATS enterprise grade service level


Element will not only secure you completely in the area of the GDPR, but also automatically manages the dates of consents, a request to update consents and anonymization of candidates' data. When you work on Element, you don't even have to think about GDPR.

  • Individually set validity period of GDPR consents
  • Each candidate has their own GDPR consents register
  • Full automation of extension of GDPR consents and data anonymization
  • We do not force the use of GDPR. If you are conducting a recruitment process in a legal area where the GDPR does not apply, you do not need to apply these provisions
Element ATS GDPR compliance

User management

Conveniently manage internal and external users. Grant permissions and decide who has access to selected areas of the system.

  • User management panel
  • Possibility to add external users, eg. clients, external recruiters, persons verifying candidates
  • Granting access to selected areas of the system
Element ATS user management


our data is stored with the highest security standards.

  • Personal data, including candidate documents, are stored in Google Cloud, which guarantees the highest global security standards
  • Data stored in several geographical locations
  • Advanced backup system, thanks to which it is possible to recover data up to 12 months back
Element ATS data protection and security

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