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The list of the most popular free job posting sites in Poland is created and curated by recruiters and job boards. If you know of a source that isn't here, please send us a note using this quick contact form

How do I find this site if I forget to add its address to my favorites?

Just add it to your favorites now. 馃檪 However, if for some reason you do not want to do it, you will always find its link under the contact form in the lower-left corner of the Element's page, click here to find it.

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How to find the best sites in Poland for posting a free job advertisement?

Below you will find an extended and constantly updated list of portals, websites, and Facebook groups that allow you to publish job offers for free. The sources are divided into job portals, Facebook groups, and other websites. We also try to separate these sites by industries or specializations.

Which job posting site is the best?

There is no definite answer to this question. Each portal can bring different results depending on the job position, content of the offer, location, employer brand, and even the hour, day, or season. The best way is to regularly publish job offers on various portals and compare their effectiveness.It is best to use an applicant tracking system (ATS), such as Element ATS, for automating job offers posting and candidate tracking from all sources.

Nationwide job boards with free posting.

With free nationwide job portals, you can post your offer on job sites that are guaranteed to have a high number of people browsing. Note, in addition to free advertisements, portals most often also have paid offers, which usually enable the better promotion of the offer. An annotation will be visible in brackets if the portal is dedicated to a specific industry or specialization.

Nationwide job boards with partially free job postings


Indeed Indeed offers job ads posting in the Pay Per Click model. Job offers have two types of visibility:

  • Limited visibility - free, available to companies except for other job boards and recruitment firms
  • Promoted visibility - paid

Job offers with limited visibility quickly lose their position on the first pages of job search results, making them less effective than promoted offers. Promoted Listings are kept on the front pages for as long as the advertising budget allows. The budget is reduced each time the candidate clicks on the job offer.

Just Join It

Just Join It Offers two ways to publish free job offers:

  • Junior positions. The job offer must be marked as a junior position. To mark it, in the "experience level" field in the form, choose the word "Junior". Moreover, if disclosing salary brackets, the upper limit may not exceed PLN 9,000. To publish a junior advertisement for free, use JustJuniors2021 code (you have to enter it at the end of the job posting process, instead of the classic payment.)
  • Job positions in selected categories. The portal conducts campaigns dedicated to individual categories, in which you can publish a job offer within a given category for free. Currently, two categories provide for such a possibility: (1) Admin - offers for system administrators, code ADMIN_JJIT and (2) Architecture - for system architects, code ARCHITECTURE_JJIT . From November 19, 2021, the third category will work - Support, code SUPPORT_JJIT . Use the codes in the same way as for junior positions.

No Fluff Jobs

No Fluff Jobs offers free job ads for junior positions and starter kits (up to 70% discount) for customers who have not yet published their ads on this portal. Instructions for publishing free junior job offers sent to us by No Fluff Jobs:

If you need a junior-level job ad, fill in the job offer form. Then, being at the "Preview" step (the step before the payment), send us a link to the advertisement (copy the link from the browser window) to the address success@nofluffjobs.com. Our Customer Success department will optimize your offer and publish it on the portal for free. Each job offer published by the end of 2021 will receive an additional second posting. If you need more job ads - let us know. You will receive a special package of junior-level job ads from us. Each offer requires the specification of the salary range (for junior-level offers, they can be up to PLN 10,000 gross) and selecting the seniority level JUNIOR.


Students.pl ooffers free job postings in two cases:

  • The company can have one free job posting in the pay-as-you-go model (payment for individual job offers).
  • In the subscription model, corporate clients can receive a free month of unlimited job postings.

Rocket Jobs

Rocket Jobs, similarly to Just Join It, periodically (during the holiday season), it allows posting job offers for junior positions free of charge. The job offer must refer to the recruitment for a junior position in the range of 0-2 years of experience, and the title and content must contain the word "junior" or its variant. To publish a junior advertisement for free, use RocketJuniors2021 code. Enter the code at the very end of the posting process, instead of the payment.


Facebook Groups

Facebook is a valuable and free source of candidates, especially because there are many groups dedicated to job postings. Below is a list of curated groups. Groups are divided into locations and specializations. The general rule is that the more members the group has, the more people can see the job offer, and therefore the greater the chance of acquiring a candidate. Therefore, start your testing with groups with the most significant number of members.

Facebook - joining groups and posting rules.

If you are not a member of a particular group, you must join it first. Joining is easy. Just click the "Join group" button. In some cases, in addition to clicking the button, you also need to answer questions, e.g., "Have you read the group rules?" Before you post a job offer in a group, be sure to read its rules, which are usually available in the "About" tab. Posting job offers in a manner inconsistent with the group's rule may result in your removal from the group. For many groups, a job offer will only appear after the group moderators have approved it.

Facebook - GAMEDEV

Facebook - HR

Facebook - ICT


Facebook - MEDICINE

Facebook - SALES



Facebook - FINANCES

Facebook - CATERING

Groups dedicated to job offers in the catering industry are most often created for individual locations. There are relatively few nationwide groups devoted to working in this field. Therefore, if you are looking for catering position employees in a specific city, we recommend finding a group dedicated to the specific location.


Facebook - OTHER

Facebook - BYDGOSZCZ

Facebook - KATOWICE

Facebook - KRAK脫W

Facebook - LUBLIN

Facebook - 艁脫D殴

Facebook - POZNA艃

Facebook - SZCZECIN

Facebook - WARSZAWA

Facebook - WROC艁AW

Facebook - TR脫JMIASTO

Facebook - ZAGRANICA


Universities, and specifically university career offices, enable the publication of job offers on university websites. It is a good place to look for candidates who are at the beginning of their career path.

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