Google Analytics in recruitment

Google Analytics is a powerful and free tool for monitoring traffic on websites. Google Analytics can analyze traffic on any website, including on job ads and application forms.

Recently, each Element‘s customer can get access to a Google Analytics account that tracks traffic on the application forms and the career tab created in our ATS.

Thanks to Google Analytics, clients of our recruitment system who want to maximize the number of applicants can make in-depth analyzes of the behavior of visitors to advertisements.

Google Analytics allows you to study the behavior of visitors to advertisements and answer the following questions:

  • how many people visited the ad
  • how many people applied
  • how long did it take to view the ad
  • how many people scrolled through the ad to see its entire content
  • how many people decided to click the apply button
  • how many people completed the application form
  • how many people sent their application

and so on.

Of course, in order to extract all this information, you must efficiently use the Google tool. However, taking into account the fact that access to Google Analytics is free, it is sometimes worth looking at the most basic data, which does not require any skills to verify, such as the number of people visiting the advertisement.

Being equipped with a conversion measurement tool, you can start experimenting with the job ads’ content, the number, and the type of application questions on the application form or specifying or hiding the financial limits. Thanks to Google Analytics and an efficient ATS system, you can always check exactly which version of the advertisement was the most effective.

Below is a short video teaser of our integration with Google Analytics:


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Maciej Michalewski

Maciej Michalewski

CEO @ Element. Recruitment Automation Software


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