Artificial intelligence will recognize the profile photo and read your emotions

Artificial intelligence in recruitment is a hot topic. Element ATS implements pioneering solutions in this area of automation of recruitment processes. Algorithms, which are the basis of artificial intelligence developed in our ATS system, are able to recognize profile photos in application documents, as well as read emotions from these photos. Thanks to the mentioned artificial intelligence algorithms, Element‘s employee recruitment system will determine whether the candidate is smiling, worried or nervous, and will also assess intensity of these emotions.

Face recognition in the ats system Element

The recognition of photographs in application documents sent as part of recruitment processes has practical applications. For example, when creating a candidate’s recommendation document, the ATS will place the recognized candidate’s photo in the document itself. However, can the recognition of a candidate’s emotions from his/her photo be useful for anything?

We wonder if is there any practical application for this type of technology. For example, when recruiting for a position that requires openness or the ability to relieve tension, from two candidates with the same professional experience are we more likely to reach for the one who is smiling in the photo?

These questions appear and will appear regularly during work on the implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms in recruitment processes. We will do everything possible to implement such solutions in Element to support recruiters’ activities, but not in a way that replaces human decisions. ATS systems are designed to help recruiters, not replace them.

Maciej Michalewski

Maciej Michalewski

CEO @ Element. Recruitment Automation Software

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