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The pandemic is stopping the recruitment processes. It is more difficult to find companies that are looking for candidates and even more challenging to find companies that want to support themselves with professional recruitment services.

In recent conversations with Element‘s users, I received clear feedback that the feature which monitors recruitment ads brings massive value to recruiters looking for new projects. It was this feedback that led me to write this message.

Monitoring module in ATS - effectiveness

Our system monitors thousands of job ads every day and automatically notifies users about new chances to get another recruitment project. The more companies a recruiter has in the system, the more notifications he or she receives.

When I contact the users, I ask about the effectiveness of this tool. I regularly receive information about new offers being placed, new contracts signed, and newly commissioned projects. All thanks to the feature of job ads monitoring. One of the recruiters wrote yesterday:

“Notifications about ads make it very easy for us to “control” our clients in terms of new recruitments, so they are very useful and allow us to react very quickly :).”

Element not only helps to attract new customers. It also allows to react faster to the needs of existing partners, and to return to those with whom cooperation has been suspended for some reason.

ATS Element system - adapted to the needs

If you are representing a recruitment agency and you don’t use Element yet, don’t wait, contact me, and I will show you the benefits of this particular feature and the whole system.

If you are an internal recruiter, we will soon have something for you too. The pandemic has slowed down our work on the development of the system; however, we will soon present some innovative solutions which are vainly available in competitive offers.

Contact me. I will be happy to show you how Element helps to find those projects that are still to be found, as well as the functionality of the new version of the system “Element 2.0”, which we are currently working on.

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