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Maciej Michalewski

Element ATS will act as an example of non-trivial applications of Elasticsearch technology at the #PHPers conference in Bydgoszcz, 27 November. So if you are interested in Elasticsearch, or in general technology solutions for the recruitment industry, we invite you to this event. Apart from technological curiosities, you can also get to know the Element, a state-of-the-art system for employee recruitment with ATS, CRM modules and artificial intelligence support.

More about the event: https://phpers.pl/meetup/2019/11/27/phpers-bydgoszcz-1/

Element recruitment system is an innovative platform for managing recruitment processes. Element is a cloud-based solution that has ATS and CRM modules and uses artificial intelligence to automate recruitment, making it cheaper, faster, and more productive. With Element ATS you will save time and money while acquiring the best possible talents.

# Element ATS HRtech Recruitment System

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