Element w 500 Startups

We present the Element ATS in one of the most known startup accelerators in the world – 500 Startups in San Francisco.

In California, and in particular in the Silicon Valley, we meet with investors, startups, accelerators, where we present our solutions and draw handfuls of advice, ideas and technological innovations from the capital of global technological development. The contacts we acquire are extremely valuable and will help us promote the recruitment system Element overseas.

Keep fingers crossed!

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Recent posts:

We’ve made a video about our new app!

The Element team has recently participated in making a video – realized by Rewi Studio – which will promote our new application! This video will be used as part of the #AplikacjeJutraPFR competition organized by the Polish Development Fund.


Hiring during the COVID-19 crisis

For the needs of the Rzeczpospolita newspaper, we provided datas from our Element recruitment system. They were obtained through constant monitoring of job offers, which are published on over fifty of the most popular portals in Poland.