Biometrics in recruitment - candidates' profiles screening

On 13 December 2018, a group of scientists from the Centre for Market Research and Analysis from Kutna, Poland, was welcomed in our headquarters in Gdynia, where Element ATS is being developed.

The meeting aimed to conduct biometric research on the method of screening profiles of candidates participating in the recruitment processes. Several recruiters took part in the study, including me.

The examination of the way of analyzing candidates’ CVs was carried out using biometric devices. One device, a detector attached to the laptop, tracks the eye of the examined person and analyzes which elements of the candidate’s profile the eyesight is directed at. The second device – glasses – supports the first one.

How did the experts and their tools help us develop the technologies used in the ATS Element?

The technology we develop supports many areas related to recruitment processes. One of these areas is the analysis of the profiles of the candidates.

While developing the algorithms of the functionality analyzing the content of profiles, we decided to check how an experienced recruiter carries out such analysis. Thanks to biometric research technology, we can thoroughly investigate this process. The research devices, which follow the eyesight, verify in what order and how quickly the recruiter reads the profile, and which elements of the profile take more time to be analyzed. This research provides valuable information that will allow us to program an algorithm that automates these activities on the pattern of an experienced recruiter. 

Thanks to such insightful research, Element we hope to develop a tool automating the selection of candidates.

This tool will be a part of our ATS (click here to learn what is an ATS) and should significantly shorten the recruiter’s work during the candidate preselection process.

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Maciej Michalewski

Maciej Michalewski

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