Impact of coronavirus on recruitment - selected positions, Q1 2020. Element ATS report.

Yet another report based on data gathered from Element ATS. Last week we published a report on the impact of coronavirus on the number of job offers in particular industries. This time we publish a report on specific job positions.

We analyzed several thousand job ads from the whole first quarter of this year. The results include a dozen or so of the most frequently appearing job positions.

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Naturally, the biggest changes in the demand for employee recruitment appeared in March. According to the data from our ATS, the number of job offers has decreased sharply in almost all analyzed positions. The biggest drops concern such workplaces as:

  • Manual worker: -61,68%
  • Kitchen help: -59,18%
  • Cook: -55,07%

Our ATS has also recorded increases:

  • Machine operator: 12,76%
  • Software developer: 19.97%

software developer - ATS Element system report

I looked closely at the number of job offers for the software developer position. By “software developer” position, I mean all types of positions that concern software production in all of today’s key technologies (java, php, python, C++, C#, ruby, .net, javascript, etc.). I wonder what the reason for the almost 20% increase in the number of job offers for these positions is?

As I mentioned in previous reports, the IT industry is exceptionally resistant to coronavirus. Home office in this industry is nothing unusual for many companies, and for some, it is a normal way of operating. An additional element may be a slowdown in sales through traditional channels, which has caused an increase in e-commerce (source). However, not only e-commerce could have an impact on it. Customer service in banks, insurance companies, and other institutions also had to be moved to the Internet.

I looked into more data from our ATS system to see what was the number of job offers for the software developer position in each week of March.

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The result indicates that in March alone, the number of job offers fell. Additionally, the most significant difference was between the last two weeks of March. Is this enough to draw any conclusions? I’m not sure. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the ICT industry reacted to the coronavirus with a delay. Perhaps it is also due to the fact that the recruitment needs for e-commerce and e-contractor projects were saturated at the end of the month. Perhaps, however, the reasons are completely different.

If there are people among the readers who can correctly interpret the large increase in recruitment announcements for the broadly defined position of a software developer, in March compared to January and February, I will be obliged to explain.

At the end of the statistics on employment reduction in March in the United States. I think that they illustrate well how unevenly the coronavirus treats individual areas of the economy, CNBC source:

Source of data - ATS Element system

Technologies monitoring recruitment announcements published on the Polish labour market, implemented in Element ATS. More information about our sources at the end of this post.

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