Temporary work agencies’ job ads in Poland - report our ATS, January 2020

Maciej Michalewski
17 lutego 2020

Adecco, Manpower, Randstad, Leasingteam, LimnusWork, and Silverhand are the agencies included in this report. We checked where these companies published their job offers in January this year. The data, as always, was collected thanks to the tools used in ATS Element

We monitor the recruitment market, individual industries, locations, and all the companies that publish ads in Poland on several dozen of the largest job portals. We encourage you to check previous reports, which can be found among other articles of our blog.

Technical note – each graph can be clicked to enlarge.

Here we go.

The most popular job boards and job positions among selected agencies - data from ATS Element


Number of job offers and market share (100% is the sum of the number of ads of all analyzed agencies):


Total number of job offers published by the analyzed agencies on all portals monitored by our ATS:


Analysis of individual portals. The graphs present the shares of job offers of particular agencies in the total number of offers published by these agencies on a given portal (number of offers; share)

More reports from our ATS system?

They’ll come up. We are thinking about quarterly, semi-annual, and annual summaries. In the following articles, however, we will change the subject matter a little bit and present the interesting information about the artificial intelligence implemented into our system, analyzing the content of candidates’ CVs. I encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter.

Source of data used in the reports - ATS Element system

The data present in our report were collected using the monitoring module of the recruitment system Element. Our ATS (from the applicant tracking system) is equipped with a globally innovative tool for monitoring job portals. Monitoring of job portals consists of regular verification of the content of job ads published on these portals. As a result of this process, ATS collects such data as: which companies published their ads, when, for which jobs and on which job boards. ATS Element recruitment system additionally verifies the content of an ad to qualify it into one of the categories.

How the ad monitoring module was created and what are the benefits for our ATS users

In Element recruitment system ATS, we have been developing monitoring of recruitment portals, and job offers available there for years. Market monitoring through the analysis of the content of published ads has always been an important element of recruitment business management and market analysis for our clients. There are many benefits of such monitoring, both for internal HR departments and especially for recruitment agencies using our ATS system. In May 2019 we published an article describing these benefits, I encourage you to read it.

In the coming weeks, we are implementing an update of the ad monitoring module into Element, which not only covers more than 50 recruitment portals in Poland, but also allows the users of our ATS to generate reports such as those presented in this post. The constant development of this module in ATS Element is a perfect example of constant search and implementation of innovative technological solutions, which are to facilitate the work of our clients.

The margin of error in the ATS

Please note that the statistical data generated by our ATS are subject to a margin of error. ATS Element algorithms, which are responsible for the deduplication of advertisements and the assignment of appropriate categories of advertisements, may cause discrepancies with other such reports.

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Maciej Michalewski

Maciej Michalewski

CEO @ Element. Recruitment Automation Software

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