Hiring during the COVID-19 crisis

For the needs of the Rzeczpospolita newspaper, we provided data from our Element recruitment system. They were obtained through constant monitoring of job offers, which are published on over fifty of the most popular portals in Poland. 

Jobs hiring during coronavirus pandemic- Element Recruitment system report

The data from Element ATS show that sellers currently have the largest selection of job offers. In May they could find nearly seven thousand job propositions. Warehouses, as well as production employees, cannot complain about the lack of offers. The first of them could find over five thousand on portals, and the second over three thousand offers.

Unfreezing the economy and the labor market - Element monitoring

As shown by the data collected by the Element recruitment system, during the lockdown, the general food and e-commerce industries, as well as the logistics industry and warehouses, fared best. On the other hand, the number of offers for white-collar workers, specialists and managers dropped dramatically. People involved in the catering industry had a problem finding a job.

Unfreezing the economy resulted in an increase in the number of offers in all industries. (You can read about that in our article ‘Recruitment needs May 2020 – Grant Thornton report and Element ATS.’) The percentage of the most offers has risen to the position of chef. This should not come as a surprise in the context of loosening restrictions on restaurants.

The datas from the Element ATS recruitment system show that despite the defrosting of the economy, specialists and managers remain in the most difficult situation on the labor market. Compared to May 2019, the number of offers in this case has fallen by more than half. Chief accountants are an exception to the rule. The coronavirus pandemic did not affect the number of job vacancies in accounting departments, as accounting is necessary regardless of the situation.

Do you want to find out more about the situation on the labor market and a positive forecast for specialists and managers? Read the article “The largest selection of job offers now have sellers and warehousemen”, which was based on the datas from the Element system and appeared in Rzeczpospolita.


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