Recruitment needs in Poland – May 2020 – Grant Thornton and Element Report

We bring positive signals from the labor market! In May, the number of offers increased by 37.7%

The coronavirus pandemic and government restrictions have shaken the economy and the Polish labor market. In April 2020, the number of offers compared to the previous year fell by more than half. However, the latest study shows, that the biggest crisis is behind us and we are slowly coming out of a deep hole. Do you want to know what may brought us? We invite you to read our new article.

Grant Thornton in cooperation with our Recruitment System Element has prepared a report on the labor market during the coronavirus pandemic. This is the third edition. This time, job offers published in May were taken into account. Thanks to the use of our automatic job monitoring tool – Element – the data were collected from as many as 50 job portals (e.g. OLX, LinkedIn,, .

As expected, the polish labor maeket has rebounded. Compared to April, the number of job offers increased by 37.7%. And although we still see a clear drop (by 41.6%) compared to the previous year – that gives hope for the coming months.

Diversified situation in major cities - Grant Thornton and Element Recruitment system report

The report shows a large diversity in the local labor markets of the largest cities. The smallest decrease compared to the previous year was recorded in Kraków, it is 37%, and there are almost 12 job offers per 1000 inhabitants. In turn, the worst situation is in Poznań, where the decline is as much as 74%, and there are slightly more than two job offers per 1000 inhabitants.

Few office jobs, a lot for chief accountants

Our report shows that the crisis caused by COVID-19 primarily affected administrative staff. The lowest decrease was recorded in the areas of financial professions. The chief accountants may choose even more offers than before the pandemic was announced in Poland.

According to the report, the newest offers concern blue-collar workers and they constitute as much as 56% of all ads. In turn, the demand for white-collar workers decreased from 72% in May 2019 to only 44% in the same month this year.

Higher requirements, fewer benefits

The crisis caused by the coronavirus and the reduced number of job offers meant that employers can afford to increase the requirements for candidates, while at the same time giving up benefits previously offered.

Entrepreneurs are primarily looking for employees with extensive professional experience and specific education, as well as available. As for benefits, employers most often began to give up medical packages and sportscard subsidies.

Element Recruitment System, how the data were collected

The data for the Grant Thornton report was collected thanks to our Element recruitment system. We use a modern tool to monitor job offers that are published on more than fifty recruitment websites in Poland. The Element system analyzes the data contained in tens of thousands of advertisements and provides comprehensive reports on the recruitment needs of Polish entrepreneurs seeking employees.

Do you want to read the details of the report “Labor market during COVID-19”? Open the report and learn even more about the current situation on the Polish labor market!

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