Report on Polish recruitment ads market in 2019 - data from the ATS system Element

Maciej Michalewski

Polish job ads – which companies publish the most?

What are the most popular job boards?

Below is a report, the full version of which will be available soon for all users of Element applicant tracking system.

Job boards with the most significant number of published job offers

  1.  802 000
  2.  300 000
  3.  280 000
  4.  190 000
  5.  155 000
  6.  140 000
  7.  109 000
  8.  94 000
  9.  63 000
  10.  55 000

(only ads published directly on the portal are taken into account, we do not take into account aggregated ads, i.e. ads pulled by one portal from another portal)

OLX portal grew in recent years significantly, taking top position on the list of portals with the largest number of job ads. Moreover, the market is becoming increasingly fragmented as numbers of other portals are quite similar. Such portals as (free ads) and (paid ads) are already a significant part of the Polish job ads market. If someone was interested in the second position of the job board, please be advised that it is a board used by national employment offices.

Recruitment agencies that published most job offers in Poland

  1.  25 000 Adecco Poland (including 8 000 on
  2.  15 000 CEE EXPERTS   
  3.  14 500  KS SERVICE
  4.  13 000 Manpower Group
  5.  9 000 HAYS Poland
  6.  8 700 Silverhand
  8.  8 000 LimnusWork
  9.  6 000 LeasingTeam
  10.  6 000 Trenkwalder Group

Direct employers who publish the most job offers

Data source - ATS system Element

The report is prepared with the use of Element recruitment system and tools integrated with it for monitoring advertisement portals. In our applicant tracking system (ATS) we have been developing the monitoring of job boards for several years. So far, we have focused mainly on the portal. We have systematically added monitoring of subsequent portals. In May 2019, we published an article about the benefits of such monitoring (link to the article – Currently, we are preparing to provide Element’s clients with the ability to generate reports on more than 50 ad portals, also thanks to integration with external tools. Our ad monitoring module is another step on the way to providing and usefully combining the most innovative technologies in the HR industry.

Although we collect data from many job boards in our ATS, it should be noted that this data contains a margin of error. It is particularly difficult for algorithms implemented in our applicant tracking system, to distinguish whether two almost identical-sounding ads elate to the same job ad. It is not an uncommon practice to publish the same job offer in different ways to attract more candidates. Such actions may, to some extent, distort the results, which we have deliberately rounded up for this reason.

Soon, we will publish more reports, including those by industry, such as finance, sales, IT, sales or engineering.

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Maciej Michalewski

Maciej Michalewski

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