IT report in Rekruter Magazine and new data on the recruitment market from Element ATS

Recruiter Magazine published a report on recruitment in the Polish IT industry in the first quarter of this year. Data for the report was provided by Element ATS

Link to the article: 

We encourage everyone interested in recruitment in the IT industry to read it.

Another report from the ATS system

In the first week of May, on our blog, we will publish a summary of job offers available in Poland in April. The report will cover recruitment in all major industries. It will, therefore, be a continuation of our report summarizing the number of job offers in the first quarter. The report is available here:

By the way, I looked at the new recruitment data in our ATS today and see that this week there has been a slight increase in the number of job offers compared to the first two weeks of April. However, the beginning of April is a holiday period, so a comparison with the data from March will be more appropriate.

ATS report from March

In the last week of March, an average of about 9 thousand job offers were published daily on portals monitored by our applicant tracking system. This figure fell to around 6,000 daily job offers in April, but rose to just over 8,000 last Tuesday (21 April). Was this a one-off increase or the first signs of the market returning to life? At the beginning of May, we will present new data from all major industries, then we will know something more about the current recruitment needs of the Polish market.

How does our ATS collect data on job offers? The technology we have been developing for several years in our applicant tracking system, is described in more detail in this article:

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