Facebook Jobs going away on February 22nd, 2022

Facebook announced it would be shutting down Facebook jobs in February 2022.

This news may come as a surprise for many people. Also, the reasons for this move have not been explained yet.

What is certain at the moment is the extent of the changes. So let’s have a look.

What will change?

The option of free job postings on company profiles using the API will no longer be available. That probably means that if your ATS system allows you to post jobs on your company page, then you can enjoy this feature only until February 22nd. I wonder if API will be available for paid job postings, but this is not explained at the moment. Speaking about ATS – don’t forget to check out  our Element ATS!

The “Job offers” category will disappear from the available categories of Facebook groups. Here is the current list of available group categories:

Facebook groups types

Currently, the Jobs category is visible. From February 22nd, this category will no longer exist. All groups that now have Jobs category will be automatically converted to General groups.

As can be seen from the description of the Jobs category, the possibility of publishing jobs with templates will, therefore, also disappear.

Changes apply to everyone except US and Canadian users.

What will not change?

All other groups categories, especially general groups, remain on the portal. General groups are very popular for job postings, where job ads are published as normal posts. Therefore, I don’t think that removing jobs groups will significantly impact how the groups work.

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Marry Christmas! 🙂🤶

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