The future of HR Jobs

The Harvard Business Review report presents 21 new jobs in the HR industry

Harvard Business Review has published a very interesting report on the direction of job changes related to human resource management. These changes – as indicated in the report – have significantly accelerated under the pandemic pressure, which forces a completely new approach to work, managing employees and entire organizations.

The report indicates that the ongoing dynamic changes are increasing HR’s role in organizations, making human resource management positions more important than ever before. As part of the report, a group of 100 people with key roles related to HR prepared a 21 HR jobs proposal, which in the future will be key to ensuring the well-being of the organization and its employees.

I will not review the entire report, the content of which can be found on the Harvard Business Review website. I encourage you to read it. Below is a list of the most important takeaways:

  • The role of a holistic approach to employee well-being is growing. HR will shape new roles with the employee’s well-being as a focal point. There are already existing positions, such as the Director of Wellbeing.
  • Remote work is part of our everyday life. Therefore, there will be roles dedicated to supporting remote employees. As an example, the authors of the report propose a position of Work from Home Facilitator. This role would focus on providing optimal working conditions for remote workers.
  • There is a growing concern about the correct use of digitized employee data. The progressive implementation of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, increases the risk associated with the proper operation of the algorithms that process this data. The bias of artificial intelligence in recruitment processes has repeatedly raised heated discussions in this regard. To work on solutions to these problems, a Human Bias Officer role is proposed.
  • Risks related to the protection of employee health, particularly in situations such as the current pandemic, are to be of interest to positions such as Strategic HR Business Continuity Director.
  • A rapidly changing reality means that employers need to keep up with these changes. Creativity and innovativeness of work will be the subject of interest in The Future of Work Leader. The VR Immersion Counselor position will be responsible for using the full potential of virtual meetings, training, or implementations.
  • The digitization already mentioned several times creates many new opportunities and potentials. The use of data in increasing the efficiency of the organization is the main task of HR Data Detective.
  • Digitization goes hand in hand with automation. Algorithms process data at speeds beyond human reach. However, humans can make judgments in ways that machines still cannot. The role of Human-Machine Teaming Manager will be created to use the full potential of people and machines. An example of a similar role, but with a narrow specialization, will be ChatBot Coach. The person holding this function will be responsible for learning the chatbots of proper conversation.

Sounds farfetched?

It is already happening. The report indicates new positions that are constantly being created to keep up with the dynamically changing reality and employees’ needs. Examples of such positions that have been adopted in recent years are Global Head of Employee Experience, Financial Wellness Manager, or the Director of Wellbeing mentioned above.

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