Virtual reality welding course - innovative technology from Poland

Dig In Vision is a startup from Poland that implements technology that enables remote learning of welding using virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Dig In Vision technology allows you to:

  • conduct welding courses
  • test welding skills, e.g., in the course of recruitment
  • monitor and report progress in acquiring welding skills
  • minimize the need to conduct stationary courses with the use of real equipment, which significantly reduces the cost of learning
  • have a positive effect on the environment by reducing the consumption of materials and energy

Dig in Vision is an excellent example of how technology is changing the labor market. The shortage of specialists faced by the global economy accelerates innovative solutions that make vocational education faster and cheaper. I am glad that many creative and useful solutions are being developed in Poland.

Congratulations to Dig in Vision, and we keep our fingers crossed for the commercialization of the product!

Watch a short video promoting the technology: 


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Maciej Michalewski

Maciej Michalewski

CEO @ Element. Recruitment Automation Software


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