Choosing ATS – it needs to be fast, stable, supportive

In recent weeks we have found several clients interested in our ATS who wanted to know the exact results of the stability and speed reports of the Element recruitment system. So before I continue the topic of Artificial Intelligence in ATS systems, I will pause for a short report related to the technical parameters that a good recruitment system should guarantee.

I know that Element is very fast and stable. That’s probably why I have never personally measured these parameters. However, since customers ask, I finally checked it out.

ATS Element system - stability and reliability

During the period covered by the monitoring, Element was available for 99.9% of the time. The only breaks in access to our ATS were several seconds (more often) or several minutes (less often) late evening or night works necessary to update the system. For 9 months of ATS operation, these planned short breaks took 6 hours and 38 minutes in total. Unplanned breaks were not recorded.

This can be seen in the diagram below of the Element Stability Monitoring System Monit24:

It is worth noting that 99.9% is the result expected for enterprise class systems (source), i.e. requiring a guarantee of the highest availability.

fast and effective ATS - Element system

By the way, we verified the time that our ATS needs to search a sample database of 61 thousand candidates. Element needs an average of 0.3 seconds to display the candidates found using any complex query (e.g. using a complex Boolean query). To be more precise, we are talking about searching word by word, character by character, at least 61 thousand application documents. These 0.3 seconds are simply instantaneous results and no waiting.

The time needed to display our ATS user the list of candidates after searching the database of 61 thousand documents:

As our programmers assure, the result would also be similar for a base of millions of candidates. Unfortunately, I can’t verify that, so I can’t take their word for it.

Instant support of ATS Element users

There is another reaction time, which is worth measuring, and which unfortunately often fails even in the best systems in the world. This is the response time of customer service to a user application. This is a very important parameter from the point of view of customers and ATS users. If a user needs help in operating the system, it is important to get this help as soon as possible. In case of this indicator, our recruitment system also maintains an excellent result. On average, we respond to user inquiries in less than 5 minutes. I would like to add that I am personally involved in supporting our customers, as you can see in the picture below.

Response time measured by Intercom application, dedicated to user support (click to enlarge):

ATS system - how to choose?

Choosing an ATS system is an important decision. When selecting a recruitment system, clients usually verify the functionalities related to the management of recruitment projects and the candidate database. Additionally, in the case of such recruitment systems as Element, client databases (internal and external), tools supporting direct and executive search, or reports from the recruitment market can be analyzed.

The stability of such a comprehensive system is absolutely crucial. We at Element are well aware of this. I have personally spent almost 10 years in the recruitment industry, and I know perfectly well how important it is for a recruiter to have efficient daily work tools. That is why stability and speed is one of the top priorities of our ATS.

The standards guaranteed by Element recruitment system are high. This does not mean that we are unique here. Most good systems can boast similar results. However, most of them don’t mean all of them, so better do your due diligence before making a choice.

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Maciej Michalewski

Maciej Michalewski

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