Coronavirus - market and recruitment situation, March 2020

Summary of current information on the impact of Coronavirus on the business and recruitment situation. Information collected from several sources, including our business partners and Elements Job Monit module, which monitors over 50 Polish job boards.

Going up by coronavirus

  • The food industry needs employees. There were a significant number of new vacancies, especially around mid-March. According to reports, the increase in the value of the food shopping basket was 57% (Nielsen) in this period. The graph below is presenting job ads published by a few leading food chains.
  • The demand for employees in the distribution industry (e.g. warehouse workers) is growing due to the growth in the e-commerce industry.
  • There is also a growing demand for programmers in e-commerce projects, telemedicine, tools for remote work.
  • New needs for employees in the toy industry have emerged.

Going down by coronavirus

  • Transport, hotel, tourism, catering, automotive industry (production stopped due to lack of raw materials, health concerns of employees, reduced demand for services and goods).
  • Redundancies in the clothing industry. There is a risk of bankruptcy even for companies operating recognized brands.
  • The automotive industry has stopped. Both car manufacturers, component suppliers, warehouses.
  • The IT industry, although it was supposed to be doing well, is also beginning to feel the effects of the current situation. Programmers are starting to ask more often for jobs and projects; some IT companies are reducing employment.
  • Recruiters start losing their jobs.
  • Earnings reductions and redundancies in banks.
  • Banks and leasing companies suspend payments for 3 to 6 months, especially for the catering and tourism industry. In one of the leasing cases my friend was called by a leasing company and informed about the reduction of the installment from PLN 2000 to PLN 500 for 6 months (car leasing), even though my friend didn’t ask for it.

Job ads report for Żabka, Dino, Biedronka and Rossmann

Further reports from the ATS Element system

This week (probably Thursday) we will present a larger report on recruitment announcements, presenting key industries and the most popular positions.

Finally, a useful link for everyone who wants to have access to constantly updated pandemic data, statistics from around the world in one place:

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