New features in our ATS and update on Element 2.0

During this difficult time of coronavirus, I am focusing less on sales activities and more on product development. This is a good time to support our team of software developers in the evolution of our applicant tracking system. Of course, we all work at home.

We are simultaneously developing several essential projects in our ATS. Most of the work is focused on the new version of the system, which we call Element 2.0. One of the modules of Element 2.0 will introduce an entirely new way of working with recruitment projects. This module will allow the users of our ATS to freely configure the stages of recruitment projects, make the individual stages available to internal and external recruiters, automatic evaluation and pre-selection of candidates, and many other features. All these new functions will be available for users via a new interface designed for and run on Angular technology.

ATS Element 2.0 recruitment system - what we did?

While designing the module mentioned above of our applicant tracking system, we spent a lot of time analyzing our own ideas, verifying our most recognized – and often most expensive – competitors, brainstorming, and simulations. We are proud of what we designed and how soon our ATS will look like. We are working with a great commitment to make this project a reality. We boldly reach for innovative solutions, thanks to which Element ATS will provide customers with even better tools to increase the effectiveness of recruitment processes.

Below is the map of relations between the individual functions of the recruitment project management module in Element 2.0. It looks like a letter E. Coincidence?

What's new in ATS Element 2.0

Without waiting for the implementation of Element 2.0, we are constantly adding new functions to the current version of our ATS. Here are the new features that have appeared recently:

  • Today (18.03.2020), we have launched a new algorithm for automatic matching of candidates to recruitment projects. I encourage our users to test this new version of the algorithm (tab “Recommended candidates” in the project).
  • There is a possibility to run an employee referral program in our recruitment system. We already have clients who successfully use this feature. In short, you can add a referral section in your job ad. In case of a referral, the system manages the whole process by registering the referrer and the referral and recording information about possible remuneration for an effective referral. Payment may be subject to employment and a probationary period.
  • We have launched the possibility of automatic sending of recruitment announcements to yet another Polish job board

Next week we plan to launch a new version of the monitoring of recruitment announcements published by companies added to the CRM module of our recruitment system. The new version will extend the monitoring by more than 50(!) recruitment portals throughout Poland. After launching this functionality, I will send a separate e-mail with more details. More about this functionality below in related posts.

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