Leading direct/executive search agencies in Poland - job ads report from our ATS - 01.2020

Maciej Michalewski
10 lutego 2020

Another report from our ATS.

This time we checked several selected agencies, associated mainly with direct/executive search services: Hays, Michael Page, Devire, Grafton, HRK.

We verified the number of published job ads in January 2020. The analysis included over 50 polish job boards monitored by the Element applicant tracking system

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Where and what announcements did the agencies publish? Data from the ATS system Element

Hays - portale ogłoszeniowe 01.2020
Michael Page - portale ogłoszeniowe 01.2020
Grafton - job boards 01.2020
HRK - portale ogłoszeniowe 01.2020
Hays - ogłoszenia 01.2020
Devire - oferty pracy 01.2020
Grafton - job offers 01.2020
HRK - oferty pracy 01.2020

Let us summarize this part by comparing the number of advertisements published on particular portals by all of the analyzed agencies. Analyzing the chart below, let’s pay attention to the fact that the ads on the website pracaatobie.pl are basically only Hays ads.

Portale ogłoszeniowe podsumowanie 01.2020

Analysis of individual portals by the ATS system


Below is a series of charts showing the agency’s share in the number of advertisements available on individual portals.

infopraca oferty pracy
pracatobie oferty pracy
karierawfinansach oferty pracy
Indeed oferty pracy
pracuj oferty pracy
jobspl oferty pracy
lento oferty pracy
praca oferty pracy
olx oferty pracy

Summary of the number of job ads.

total job offers found


The data presented can be analyzed and interpreted in various ways. What is noticeable for sure is the low position of the OLX, the portal with the largest number of job ads. However, such a result is understandable taking into account the specifics of the analysed agencies. 

What is interesting is the number of advertisements published by Hays on the pracaatobie.pl. Hays publishes there by far the largest number of ads, while the remaining agencies completely ignore this job board.

It is worth noting the excellent result of Infopaca. On the other hand, Pracuj.pl portal was appreciated only by Michael Page.

Finally, it is also worth noting the karierawfinansach.pl, on which Grafton has bet. Is this another niche job board, which will be conquering the market with its price to effectiveness ratio?

A source of data - ATS Element system

The report is prepared with the use of Element ATS and tools integrated with it to monitor job boards. To collect data, our recruitment program regularly verifies the content appearing on job portals and collects data on who published the ad, when, for which position. ATS Element also verifies the content of the ad to assign it to the appropriate category and remove duplicate ads.

ATS Element Recruitment System's ad monitoring module

Element applicant tracking system has been providing job ads monitoring feature for several years now. The constant evolution of our ATS allowed us to track additional job boards. In the past, we wrote an article presenting the benefits of such monitoring for ATS users. We are going to release a new version of the job boards monitoring feature, which checks the content of over 50 job boards in Poland.  Our monitoring module is another instance of the implementation of our plan to produce and merge the most advanced technologies in the recruitment industry.

Error margin in ATS

Our ATS monitors an increasing number of job boards. These data certainly contain a margin of error. Element applicant tracking system implements advanced machine learning algorithms that support the interpretation of the collected data. These algorithms decide whether two job ads with similar content are, in fact, the same job offer. This is just an example of difficulties, which we need to overcome to provide the best possible data to our users.

You can find more statistics on the recruitment market, which were created with our ATS, on the other entries on our blog.

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Maciej Michalewski

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