Job ads on the Polish IT market in 2019 - report from the ATS system Element

Maciej Michalewski

In the previous entry (link), we presented three key statistics on the publication of job ads in 2019 without categorization. This time we publish a report on the use of job ads in the IT industry. The report is based on data gathered by Element, the ATS system you should check out!

Job boards with the highest number of ads published in the IT industry

  1. – 35 000
  2. – 27 000
  3. – 11 000
  4. – 9 000
  5. – 8 000
  6. – 6 000
  7. – 5 500
  8. – 4 000
  9. – 3 800
  10. – 3 500

Important information – unfortunately, we did not manage to include JustJoin IT job board in the monitoring of ads. However, we have their declaration that it will provide us with its results immediately after the publication of the ranking. We will then update our ranking, although it will no longer be our source of data.

Recruitment agencies that publish the most job ads in the IT industry

Direct employers who publish the most job ads in the IT industry

Job positions with most ads

  1.  Front-end Developer – 1 600
  2.  Java Developer – 1 500
  3. IT specialist – 1 250
  4.  .NET Developer – 940
  5.  DevOps Engineer – 840
  6.  Senior Java Developer – 710
  7.  Full Stack Developer – 600
  8.  PHP Developer – 580
  9.  Business Analyst – 480
  10.  Scrum Master – 490

data source - ATS system Element

The report is prepared with the use of Element,  an intuitive ATS capable of monitoring job boards. To collect data, we regularly visit the monitored job boards and record information about who published the ad, when, and for which position. Our tools also verify the content of the ad to classify it into the appropriate category. The adoption of specific rules for classifying job ads into the proper categories may result in other reports that adopt different criteria presenting different results.

For a long time, we have been developing tracking of job portals, and job offers. We have focused on one of the biggest Polish board, However, we have systematically added to our ATS monitoring of other job boards as well. In May 2019, we published a blog post describing how our ATS users benefit from such tracking. Currently, we are preparing to provide Element’s users with the possibility of accessing reports on more than 50 job ads sources. Ad monitoring module implemented our applicant tracking system is the next step on the way to providing and usable combination of the most modern technologies in the recruitment industry.

Although Element ATS collects data from many job boards, it should be noted that this data contains a margin of error. It is particularly challenging to distinguish whether two almost identical-sounding ads relate to the same job offer. It is not an uncommon practice to publish the same offer in different ways to attract more candidates. Such actions may, to some extent, distort the results, which we have deliberately rounded up for this reason.

Maciej Michalewski

Maciej Michalewski

CEO @ Element. Recruitment Automation Software

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